A Simple Promise: The Best Service, And the Best Price

I started The Horse Connection in 1992 as a mobile tack shop based in Westchester County, New York. I began with a simple promise, "The Best Service, And the Best Price", then started visiting stables throughout four counties in New York and Connecticut.

I didn’t always have what my customer wanted in my car, but if I promised I’d get it to her stable by a certain date, she knew I’d live up to that promise and it would be fairly priced! This was before the internet, smart phones and the like. Prices were not readily available for customers to compare, but I lived up to my pricing commitment, and my customers knew they were getting the best possible price, along with outstanding, personalized service!

Then, I decided to open a Horse Connection store. I found our perfect home in the small, iconic, horsey town of Bedford Village, right on the Village Green. The building is a historical landmark, the home of the first A&P in the country! It was at this point that we added "in Bedford Village" to our name, and we’ve been here ever since.

The Horse Connection in Bedford Village: Where Trainers Send Their Clients

It has been twenty-one years since I opened the store. During that time, The Horse Connection has become the place where trainers send their clients: they trust that their riders will return with the right product. The Horse Connection staff are all knowledgeable riders, and are trained to fully understand the pros and cons of each product we sell. We never take a “one size fits all” approach, but match the product with our customer’s needs and budget. We are able to do this because we have the interest, and take the time, to learn about our customer and her (or his) horse. This is what sets us apart from competitors.

Our Prices Are Comparable to Dover Saddlery and SmartPak®

We urge you to compare! We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of trainers and customers alike and to sustain fair prices. Although we’re a small business, we’re competitive with the prices of "the big guys" like Dover and SmartPak. When you compare our prices with theirs, you’ll find that some items might be a tad higher than the "Big Guys" but other items will be a little lower!

But what you’ll never take for granted is the personalized, truly knowledgeable service and advice my staff and I are able to provide you. The more you shop with us, the better we’ll know you, and the better we’ll be able to serve you.

If I Don’t Trust A Product for Myself and My Horses, I Won’t Sell It to You.

Once we’ve sold you something, we’d appreciate knowing if it was good, great, or occasionally, not so good. Not only does that enable us to make “not so good” right for you, but it helps us get better… we’re always learning, and the experiences of our customers add to our own experiences with our products.

The result: we know which products to trust best for ourselves, our horses, and our customers… and those are the only products we’ll sell to you.

My staff and I look forward to serving you well.

Natasha Tarasov