Majyk Infinity Open Front Boot with Tab Closure, Horse

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Majyk Infinity Front Boot with Tab Closure

Majyk boots are designed by riders for riders. Following the same high protocol and using quality materials usually reserved for human athletes, not often available in the equine world, Majyk makes nothing less than a completely unique product. Superior in protection, technology, and price! The infinity boot has a special strike guard, the outer core is strengthened to repel impact while the inner core is slightly softer to flex with the horse's tendons.


  • German grade BASF TPU shell
  • Impact protective foam liner
  • Vented for breathability
  • Dual hardness outer strike guard
  • Protective ARTi-LAGE™ layer inside strike guard
  • Neoprene free
  • Three straps with tab closure
  • Sold in pairs

Sizing: Runs true to size