Ornamental Martingale/Breastplate Nameplate, Brass

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Ornamental Martingale/Breastplate Nameplate, Brass

This ornamental plate is made from the finest solid brass and lacquered for durability and protection. It includes one line of engraving and comes with all the proper hardware  to install on each type of tack. There are no sharp edges to cause injury. Size is 3/8" x 2". We recommend this plate for martingales, breastplates, and pony bridles. Please allow up to two weeks for engraving.

Detailed instructions on how to install nameplates on your equipment will be sent with your order. If you do not want to attempt installation yourself, you can ask a local blacksmith or shoe repair service.

We understand that nameplates are not always easy and can get a bit confusing. We would be happy to help you, please call or email us with any questions; we are your friendly neighborhood tack shop online.