Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment

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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment 16oz

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra liniment is formulated at clinical strength for any competition level. Specifically designed for faster and highly effective results when reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, or loosening stiff muscles. World famous for its versatility, it can be used on the poll, back, neck, legs, hocks, knees, or hooves and is the perfect choice for horses with sensitive skin


  • Clinical strength
  • Reduces tendon and ligament issues, tissue discomfort, and fatigued muscles
  • Cooling effect
  • Contains witch hazel, arnica, rosemary, lavender and lobelia
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Can be applied directly, massaged in, or used as a bath brace
  • Safe to use under tack, wraps, blankets and therapeutics
  • Foams when massaged into areas that generate heat
  • Will not interfere with FEI drug regulations
  • For topical use only on equine or canine